Olé! You Have A Genius In You So Keep Following It’s Lead

I just watched a wonderful, inSpiring talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) and had to share it with you.  It is intimidating to be vulnerable when there is a river of creativity running through our hearts and minds begging to be shared with the world, but what else is that river for if not to share it?

Elizabeth does a beautiful job in re-framing this vulnerability and I think you will find this talk very honest, real, encouraging and uplifting.  We all need ways to express our perspective of the world ~ here are some ways to think on them.  Enjoy and BE inSpired! Scroll down and leave a comment if you like ~ I’d love to know what you think.

With Love and
To a fulfilled and happy planet!

3 Ways To Neutralize Rejection So You Don’t Ever Have To Hesitate To Embrace What You Want In Life!

In the last post, I talked about our Divine nature as human beings – remembering that we are always more than the beliefs we carry around in the core of our hearts – many of which were false programming handed down, like a gooey virus, from one generation to the next.

One of the most difficult experiences we can go through as children or adults is being rejected.  I’ve certainly had my fair share of it, particularly in my quest for a mate.  It feels awful and most people go to great lengths to avoid it.  What if I told you there is a way to make some peace with rejection?  Would you like to know 3 ways to neutralize the sting of rejection and feel good about yourself again so you can lean into the kind of life you really want to live?

Most people have a good deal of experience with rejection throughout their lives.  Many experiences are rooted back into childhood, where we may have been left out by our tribe of friends or even chastised in such a way by our parents that we felt rejected and hurt.  The conscious sting of this subsides after a short period of time, but the subconscious imprint is still there and, each time we are rejected, it’s like we are experiencing all the rejections we’ve ever had – at once.  OUCH!!  That’s why it can feel so intense and something that will deter us from going for what we want in life.  That might be taking a step into an unknown realm in business, asking an amazing man or woman out on a date, or sharing a creative project with the world.

It’s hard to feel good about oneself when that kind of emotional wave is sliding through our heads, and hearts.  If it’s not addressed, fear of rejection can wither opportunities for growth, and opportunities to start a new life doing something we love, or being with someone we’re attracted to!  So, why not reclaim the right to approach each opportunity with a clean slate and a barely-discernible (or non-existent) level of fear?   Sounds good to me! 

Here are three thought processes to use when approaching something that takes courage, vulnerability and strength, but likely also leaves you open to rejection.  This is like building a muscle – but our dreams/desires are worth the effort!  

Here are your 3 R.N.’s – not registered nurses but Rejection Neutralizers, to buzz for help, when you feel like backing down from a challenge.


R.N. 1:  The Ring of Choice.  

Have you ever been out and met someone who you could tell was liking you up but you were getting an uneasy vibe from?  Maybe it’s just someone who totally didn’t fit your picture for a mate at all.  Maybe there’s just a hint of something in your intuitive field that tells you ‘no’ despite their pleasant demeanor or attractive appearance.  In that kind of situation, do you feel obliged to continue any further dialogue with him/her even though you are experiencing these feelings?  Of course not.  You are never obliged.  It is your right to say no for whatever reason.  The ring of choice here is that anyone else has the right to also feel that way toward you.  Some energies just don’t work well together and that’s okay – don’t take it personally!  Be curious, accept the risk and move forward.


R.N. 2:  The Ring of Spiritual Mystery

Coming from a spiritual perspective, I am going to refer back to the last blog post and our Divine natures and call in the R.N. of Spirit.  We do not have the answers to why certain events take place in life.  It seems that we are drawn to certain events in our lives to work through Soul lessons.  You may or may not believe in such things but it’s good to keep an open mind in life!  What if we are meant to work through certain events/situations with specific people and, if the person/experience we are drawn to is not in alignment with that, then ‘rejection’ of further interaction is what happens… all for our highest good?  Can we chalk this one up to mystery and just accept that Spirit moves in such ways – magnetizing or repelling us from certain situations – for which there is no logical explanation?  Sometimes, we are the repeller; sometimes, we are the repelled!


R.N. 3:  The Ring of Bold Assertion

This one is the nudger and, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re already wearing this big, chunky one most of the time.  Designing and building a life requires bold decisions and the assertiveness to move forward in a fair and equitable way.  Now, how is it that we can be so bold in one area of life and not in another?  How can some of us build empires but not have the ability to ask an attractive woman/man out on a date, or vice-versa?  This is where we accept the nudge.  Wouldn’t it be great to mentally slide that ring on and approach the person with whatever kind of invitation you have in mind?  Making assumptions about their response is a fear-of-rejection reflex that we enslave ourselves with.  How about throwing off them shackles?!!  How do we know they won’t say yes?  Better to have asked than to always have wondered… what if?  If life is met with a “go for it” attitude in most areas of our lives, then why not make a commitment to open it to all of them?   The Bold ring is a juicy one – it starts with at least trying!

So, there you have the three Rejection Neutralizers to implement when hesitating over jumping in. 


Being the Divine essence that we all are, I will offer one more Bonus R.N.!!  This is The Ring of Light!  When standing in the full, bright power of the sun, the Light simply cannot be rejected – it’s too strong, too powerful and unfathomable as to how anything can damage it.  The core of us is that Light and we continue to shine no matter what cloud passes our way.  Having faith in that Divine nature makes these human interactions and experiences seem like dandelion fluff flying in the breeze!  We are more than we can ever imagine!  Be curious!  Be bold!

When the sting of past rejection surfaces, meet it with compassion.  It is so rare that someone in our lives really intends us harm.  Like many other people on the planet, our parents had filters that were not conscious and they did the best they could – our friends as well.  Forgive them by accepting the fact that we all have been rejected and we all have rejected others as well.  It is the human condition.

I hope you have found this component on rejection helpful and that, at some point, you can slip on a ring or two, or three, and move toward what you do want to have in life.  I’ll join you there, if you like, in the ring of contentment, fulfilment and joy!

Love and Blessings!


Remembering Your Divine Nature….

It’s easy to forget our Divine nature when we’ve been through a lot of trauma, abuse, and steep life challenges but it’s still there, shining behind the thoughts we think about those experiences – many of which were just not true.  Someone does something and we believe we have the only logical explanation for their actions… let a similar experience happen a couple more times and we might just start believing that there is something wrong with us.  But, what if the assumptions were all wrong?  What if we ended up forming a false, limiting belief?  What if much of what we’ve seen/learned is through all the recycled beliefs that our parents acquired when they were trying to make sense of their own lives?  And how about the plethora that society bombards us with daily?

Underneath the issues we all carry is a Divine force so many of us find ourselves intermittently disconnected from throughout our lives.  Some are fortunate and diligently practice ‘keeping the plug in.’  Sometimes, life holds experiences that are so devastating that we go deep into the pain until it is repressed, or healed.  These difficult life experiences can cause us to look long and hard at how we see ourselves and who we are in the world.  

As uncomfortable as it is, taking time to look under this rug of wonders is a good thing because it can totally transform how we live life.  I know from my own experience that the dissonance has been a call to come home again and live into the present me.

Check out the video I made highlighting some thoughts on this journey – a warrior’s journey – back to find the Truth of one’s heart and spirit, and remembering our innate, infinite Divine nature..

If you would like to complete some worksheets on the same topic, feel free to download them here:  … Remembering Your True Divine Nature




Feel free to leave any comments below!  

Love & Blessings,


Going Deeper: Love and Compassion Are Life Keys

Love and compassion do not drain us, they deepens us. Are you okay with going deeper… and expanding your heart?

For close to 3 years, I volunteered in Palliative Care at my (then) local hospital. We were instructed to serve the patients – help them with what they might need/want. The medical staff took care of any medical issues, of course, like moving someone or adjusting a medical device; the volunteers brought drinks, read books aloud, or helped with a task the patient might not be able to complete on his/her own. Most of the people were conscious when I was there and, sometimes, family members were also present.

Sometimes I would give them a foot massage or quietly sing songs that might comfort them or bring back a fond memory. This is such a special space to share with someone because there was always a sense that that person could leave life at any moment. It was incredibly expanding and a deep, deep privilege to help in this way. All expectations dropped – the room was filled with Love and compassion – compassion for that person’s journey toward the final leg of life as we know it and the dissolve of all their life experiences into the big mystery…. what must they be thinking or feeling as they made peace with this “ending” inside themselves?

I wish we all could tap into that place with each other – a place of reverence. If we could, perhaps we would see each other with a deeper sense of appreciation for the life that flows through all of us – and how precious and fragile it is.

Enjoy the video…


Osirus And How Your Heart Measures Up

When I was a young girl, I was fascinated with King Tut and ancient Egypt. It’s interesting how the areas we are attracted to in life often have a lot of relevance later on.
In ancient Egypt, Osiris was the biggest god of the underworld.  When people died, their hearts (which were believed to be the dwelling place of the Soul) were removed and measured against the feather of Truth.  If the heart was heavier than the feather, the heart would be thrown to Ahmet – a monster of a creature that would snap it up, chomp it down, and it would be game over for your soul – no hope for re-birth!

I thought this was a powerful concept and that’s why I’m sharing it with you now.  Most of us go through life inadvertently collecting judgments, resentments, hurts, disappointments -and more- from all the experiences we’ve gone through.  It’s not always a conscious choice – feelings are just felt and often not totally processed.  Society is riddled with this – most of us have grown up in homes where feelings were distorted in some way.  We learned to process them by… stuffing, downgrading, anesthetizing, projecting them onto others.  But, they fester and colour our perception of others and our world.  

Think about it!  Could you honestly say that your heart is free and clear and feels as light as a feather?  I know I couldn’t, but I’m working on it and being aware of this, visualizing that feather in my heart, is a cool little practice.  Being conscious of feelings by checking in …

“Do I want to hang on to this yucky feeling — or can I forgive this person and let go of these _____________ vibes?”  

(fill in the blank with your feelings.  By taking ownership of them, they can be released because you choose to do just that). 

Maybe Osiris isn’t waiting downstairs, but we are all here NOW – on the ground floor- likely, wanting an expansive, well-lived life.  Holding a feather in your heart is a good way to start, or continue, on that path.

Walk tall and carry a light feather!



It’s Sometimes Necessary To Pass Alone

Recently, I heard a woman expressing her heartbreak around her mother’s passing.  It was difficult enough to lose her mother, but a lot of pain was coming from the fact that she was not present when her mother passed.  She had stepped away to get something to eat and her mom passed while she was out of the room.  This is a huge source of grief for people and I want to lend another perspective so it might lighten your heart if you ever have to go through this.

Several years back, a friend of mine was married to the love of her life.  They were married for over two decades and finished each other’s sentences.  For a while, he worked in a mine – and his time there would be the source of a lethal illness that developed not long after.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, she was there for him.  Night by night, she stayed by his side, never leaving – but it began to take a toll on her.  She told the on-duty nurse that she would take the bed they had offered in the other wing but didn’t leave until they assured her that they would call her if there was any change in his condition.  She laid her head down on the pillow and fell into a deep sleep.  Around 4 a.m., she awoke with a bad feeling and hurried back to her husband’s ward only to find that he had passed while she was sleeping.  I cannot tell you all the pain she went through from not being there with him.

The thing about this heart-wrenching circumstance is that it happens often – the part where the loved one passes when they are alone.  Sometimes, people just cannot pass if their loved ones ARE present.  They may not be able to handle the grief their family/friends feel, the tension of letting go, or their own struggle with having to say goodbye – from this world, from the people they love dearly.

It’s hard enough to see a loved one pass but to endure even more pain because you feel that you did something wrong (abandoned them) is further damage to an already-hurting heart.  It’s easy to think – bad time to leave – should have slept in the chair again that night – should have booked an earlier flight out… but please stop to consider that the person passing may need to pass alone, it’s not personal and no one did anything wrong – they just need to go that way.

I hope that, if you or someone you care about, ever has this experience, you will find comfort in a different way of looking at these things.


2011 – What It Could Be

Well, we are beginning a new year and I have to say that 2010 was filled with a lot of ……… experiential learning, so while it was NOT a particularly easy year (some of it really sucked), it was tasted, lived and learned.  I am thinking of calling 2010 my year of NO (…and, thus, KNOW) because of all the no’s I received and the no’s I ended up saying to myself!  Each experience holds a silver lining, a life lesson, so I will say there were many in the last year.

And 2011?  Well, it could be shaped into a productive, prosperous, happy, healthy and Loving year – or not.  I choose door #1 – the not-so-easy door.  Why?  Because it means being a lot more vulnerable.  Everybody starts off from a different point in life.  Some of us were steeped in a healthy, Loving and supportive environment but, unfortunately, most of us were not.  Part of the reason why we don’t live as fully as we could is the residue that remains, even after all those years.  Holding back comes from fear(s) – and, often, clusters of them, uniquely tailored from our own experiences, disappointments, and pain.  With that in mind, it is hard to be really vulnerable, but as the following excellent TED talk by Brene Brown explains, it is the key that opens the doors to a fuller life.  Have a listen and give it some thought.  Leave a comment if you like.

Thanks for stopping in!

Sprinkling some Love,

Nancy  : )

Do You Know Your Rights?

Be The Change.....

Last week-end I had a rare opportunity to participate in an assertiveness training workshop and it was such an eye opener!  I highly recommend this kind of training to everyone because we often forget how to really communicate with each other about our wants and needs, or to help others express theirs to us.  The course was small – only 3 participants (including yours truly) – and the teacher was wonderful.  Dr. Dan Sydiaha has decades of teaching experience and is an expert at delivering the material.  What a great opportunity to attend, particularly with these class dynamics.

It is astoundingly common that most people do NOT know their rights, and if you don’t know them, you can’t own them.  It’s not like most of us have never read them.  On the contrary, I had read them long ago but there is something about timing that allows the “right” information, at the “right” time, to really permeate one’s consciousness, particularly through this kind of experiential learning.

Being in chronic situations where one is asking over and over again for something (a need, a right) and not having it acknowledged, respected or fulfilled can really jump the needle up on the stress-o-meter. Also, having been in a work-place where bullying was going on, I can attest to how badly these skills are needed right now – in order for people to function at peak levels.  Being in unhealthy situations can really wear one’s Spirit down and re-owning one’s rights can act as an empowering re-set point.

Here is a link for you to learn, or reacquaint yourself, with your personal rights… click HERE. Take your time and focus on reading each one and how you feel after you’ve finished the list.

Consider how many times in one day yours were transgressed, or that you may have transgressed someone else’s.

This is a local act, with global implications!  Think of some of history’s leaders who completely obliterated the rights of thousands/millions of people – what if they had been respected as children and taught to respect others’ rights as well?  In Rwanda, 800,000 people were murdered in one month, Cambodia’s Khemer Rouge, led by Paul Pot, murdered two million people and I don’t have to remind you about Hitler.  Yes, I consider it — that far reaching — so if we want to be the change – we must take responsibility for that and learn — role model this to/for our children and all the world’s children.  Life is easier when we do not oppress ourselves, or others!

Know Your Rights!  Click here to read them!

Here’s to a healthier world!



The Present In Your Future…

~ Finding our heart's space

Do you realize that there is a great present in your future? Well, there is!  Let me explain.

Recently, I was invited to a 2-part workshop with Ti Caine and Sherri Nickols which was quite an inspiring and transformative experience!  In the process that Ti does, “FutureVisioning,” we were asked to imagine ourselves into the future.  When there is a lot of trauma, loss, stress, or a string of (seemingly) unfortunate events, it can be challenging to look into the future because we are stuck and mired in the old stuff.  How can we be present, enjoying time TO-DAY, if we are having a hard time processing yesterday’s stuff and maybe feeling less than hopeful about tomorrow?  Well, there is a way to lasso the different “time zones” and resolve what is needing resolution so that the present is, well, a big, bright beautiful present!

The future creates the present. Lazaris.

Think about that for a moment.

Those who write their goals/dreams down will have a far better chance of actually attaining them than those who do not.  Similarly, if we have a foggy or less-than-sparkling view of the future, then that is what will be created.  When we anchor in our vision of the future, it takes care of the present.

After much frustration with manifesting what I want in life, it is apparent that building a bridge to our highest heart wishes is crucial.  A good place to start is with a vision board.  Gather some magazines and cut out any photos that “speak” to you.  Other items can include something you craft/write yourself to add.  The sky’s the limit with this so let your creativity flow.

If you have some time to do the Futurevisioning process with Ti, I highly recommend it.  Sherri has a great site and I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter.  It was a Blessing to meet and work with both Sherri and Ti.  I am including links to reach them at the end of this post, if you want to find out more.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note.

The point, in being here, is to have a fun, connective and soul-expanding time.  We are meant to be free, to grow and thrive.  Whatever I can do – to help you do that – I will do!

Remember who you are:  a chip of the old omniscient, omnipotent Goddess/God Block!  I am just reminding you!  : )



Click here to —-> Check out Sherri’s site

Click here to —-> Check out Ti’s site

You Are Not Your Story!

A comment from Neale Donald Walsch’s daily insight has highlighted an important phrase to remember and also reminded me of the growth I have experienced in the last few years.  What phrase is that?  Well, it is…

You are not your story.

A long time ago, I had a great loss in my life and it was incredibly painful.  When I reached out for wisdom and guidance, I found that very phrase shared with me.

You are not your story.

What is your story?  And, why do we tend to incorporate and wear the negative aspects more than the positive ones anyway?

Is your story one of injustice, abuse (sexual, emotional, physical…), lack, being victimized/used, abandoned, lied to?  Look at those words – how do they make you feel?  Juicy and alive?  No, ‘didn’t think so.

We can really feel the weight of negative words/experiences – they suck energy away from the Soul and dull the eyes.  Fortunately, when the weight is heavy enough, and we are tired of it, we can choose to relinquish the load.  There will come a point when life’s finite reality seeps in and we wish to live in a more abundant state.  And by abundant I mean – abundance of self-love, courage, assertion for that which you want to experience in life (a family, a home, travelling, etc. – fill in the blank).  There will come a time when accepting the old “story”lines just don’t work anymore and you will say “I want, and deserve, more” and that very shift will be part of the crucial elements that will manifest it.  Please take a moment to listen to this video, and follow the suggestion made in it…  It will only take a moment! (then scroll down because there is more to follow….) No peaking!    🙂

Okay, hopefully, you took a moment to follow along to this beautiful meditation.  Can I ask you something?  While you were watching it, were you “there” in the places suggested or were you thinking about the past (your story)?  Chances are that you were present for all or parts of it and that is where you left your weighty story behind without even realizing it!  Now, the next step is to do it consciously!  And you can – because it will bring you more of what you DO want in your life.  Internal abundance!  We resonate richly from inside and it beams outwardly – and, one by one, the world becomes an ever better place!  “Be the change…”  <3


Nancy  🙂