The Secret Law of Attraction

While I was driving the other day, I happened to catch an Tapestry interview on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) with Jill Bolte-Taylor and, even though I knew of her experience from a previous TED talk, it became clear to me that what happened to her could fall into that etheric, secret law of attraction realm.  I think that everyone’s does.

In case you aren’t familiar with Jill Bolte-Taylor, she is a scientist who studies the brain.  What was very interesting was that she had a stroke and described what it was like while going through it.  Very fascinating stuff.  I couldn’t help but think of how deep her understanding of the brain would be after experiencing, and recovering from, a stroke.  I also couldn’t help but think that Spirit has a Higher purpose for this – and that she would go on to great works with what she knew, intimately, and thoroughly, from experiencing it herself.

Now, what of our works?  Do we have to be a scientist, celebrity or astronaut to have a deeper sense that what we have experienced and what we are to experience is not as relevant to the grand mystery of life?  That each experience we go through will not help us with something important down the road or help one soul, or many souls, to give pause, to change their mind, or to know that they are so right on with their next move…. all through the communication of a look, a nod, a word, a phrase.  You get the idea.  The thing is that it is coming from a knowing place – that sharing.  There is a Higher part of us that brings in what we need and perhaps, in time, that the secret won’t be such a secret anymore…. that what is attracted will be far more conscious than where it stands now.  For me, I am working on it and am far from perfect, but it is neat to see more and do more.

What if we all started opening our eyes more – made our lives more conscious, filled with the work we were passionate about, people we love, places that take our breath away, better ways to live, or world peace?  Think about that because I am going to write a lot more on it.

In the meantime, check out Jill Bolte-Taylor’s presentation.  I think you will enjoy it – it’s amazing.

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Communication and Compassion is the bridge

I believe, in this life, we are meant to build bridges in this world, bridges to each other, through our hearts.  We go through our lives and most of us end up with a few protective walls or with losses, wounds or scars that run deep.  It’s no wonder there is so much conflict in the world; we are all sensitive creatures.  The missing link is compassion and communication.  What if we could just relax a bit and really try to hear what the other person is saying?

We all have different styles of communicating and this is tinted by our particular walls and wounds, in general, and, if applicable, specifically with that person. We also all live by different values and principles.  The only way to make anything better is to speak your Truth.

I had an incident this week that was rather enlightening which will help to illustrate my point.  Because this friend of mine communicates differently than I, I misinterpreted (for a long time) what his silence meant.  For me, my learned pattern was that silence was not a great thing – it usually implied anger and rejection.  Using this old template, I interpreted my friend’s silence in the same way, and my interpretation manifested as a sadness in my heart that I carried around with me.  Sadness came from caring about/for this person and feeling the ditch of misunderstanding between us.  How interesting when a door opens a little!  The wonderful thing about communication is that it leads to understanding of not only the other person, but of ourselves and where we jump when there is something we don’t fully understand.

I could never quite totally “get” the “theory” that people would share with me about feelings being a choice one makes, but they are if there is a willingness to see what filters are bending an event.  For me, they were old filters.  Seeing this clearly allowed me to release it.

When we communicate with each other, we come to see that we are mirrors for each other.  What are we creating within ourselves and with those we care about?  Here is a neat video that touches on some of these issues and goes a little further.  I’m sorry that it ends a little abruptly but you can access the next one on Youtube; watch for the link.  (cont’d…below)

I am doing a lot of releasing work right now. I am grateful for all the insights this is bringing me and I will be posting further on this.

Thank you for reading along and, as always, I wish you a bright and beautiful day!

Nancy 🙂

Thank you to all those who let their Light shine!

So, Who are you?

At some point in our lives, most of us have stopped to wonder…”Who am I?”  I don’t mean what you do, if you have a six pack or knew Tupac, who you’re married to or who you slept with, if you had a zillion-dollar mansion, tons of toys, and 24Kt gold faucets… I mean – if you took all the “stuff” away – would you be okay?  At the core, would you still feel tall, strong, worthwhile and Loving/Loveable?

I subscribe to Neale Donald Walsch’s daily notes.  I love them because, often, they are succinct and spot on with something I am feeling or thinking about.   Here is a note I received recently….

On this day of your life, Nancy, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you are loved on this day for all the wonder that you bring to your world with the gift of being you.

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that you are that special in the eyes of God? Yet you are–and not because of what you have done, but because of who you are. You are God’s own creation, an expression of Divinity in human form.  The fastest way to experience this is to be the vehicle through which others sees it in themselves. Each person is walking his or her path and doing his or her best. God knows this and that is why God loves you all.

Sometimes, we need little nudges to remind us that we are Loving, spiritual Beings and not just physical bodies climbing up Maslow’s pyramid.  We need to remember that the mere chance of our existence is so miniscule as to be the near equivalent of a microscopic dust particle in the entirety of Universes we are, at present, aware of… and there will be many more unveiled in years to come, I am sure.  Just to be conceived is a sheer miracle.  When we pass, our Spirit leaves the body and travels on somewhere else.  Who were we while we were here?  What did we stand for?  What moved our hearts that we made better?  Who did we Love?  What was beautiful to us?

Think about that.  No matter what people may have said about you, in their non-understanding, it is imperative to hold your True, Spiritual self at the core of your heart.   Leave the tags and labels behind – they are meant to discourage and sink you – hold God’s mirror to your heart and go experience why you are here.  It may be to touch one life, millions of lives or to evolutionize your own.

And, for the record, please know that when I speak of God, I know there are many, many names used through all the belief systems – please fill in the blank with what you choose, if any!

If you are interested in daily spiritual nuggets, you can check out Neale’s site:



Love re-clothes a sharing moment.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in an interesting healing group that ran for 12 weeks.  One of the things we would do was to speak about the old thoughts/hurts we were carrying around, often for most of our lives, and often those which had never been shared before – because of shame, guilt, fear, etc.  It takes a tremendous amount of trust to share deep places like this and it feels very scary to do so, leaving the sharer feeling “naked” and vulnerable.  This is where Love comes into the wonderful healing process that is used in this program.

When something is shared, the other group members do something that re-builds and “re-clothes” that person who is risking safety in sharing, in NOT staying silent any longer.   Each person consciously gives feedback – offering words that acknowledge that person’s pain, courage, strength, etc. and expressing their own feeling(s) about the situation (ie:  I feel angry that you were treated that way.  You did not deserve that.).  It is in this reflection that the sharer finds a place in the group, empathy for a painful experience, and a sense of trust that it IS okay to share and take a step forward.

I mention this because there are many times when our friends share things with us.  Sometimes, we don’t know what to say but want to say something – the “right” thing.  That can sometimes lead to silence.  Silence in a tender sharing moment can leave the sharer feeling regretful about sharing because it is a vulnerable moment.  The silence can feel like they are being judged or not understood (and therefore hurt) again.  You can help make the experience a healing and Loving one by giving conscious feedback.  It’s best not to tie it into an experience you had right away though.  Let the person sharing finish what they need to share and then move forward.  This is a wonderful healing, Loving, growing place to share, whenever needed.

Your comments and/or questions are welcome.  Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment box below.

Shine Brightly!!


Change is closer than you think!

Who hasn’t heard of affirmations?  They are almost a household word now because the wave of healing is slowly sweeping across North America, and the world.  We are told that everything comes from thoughts – what you think manifests outwardly whether you like it or not.  Will that be a tall order of Heaven or hell?  It is our own choice.  This is why it is imperative to take responsibility for what is going on between our ears!

There is a strong case for this practice – we must introduce new thoughts to replace the old thought tapes of former (childhood) conditioning.  These reminders, and I call them reminders because we are Divine Beings and we already know these thoughts in the deepest part of ourselves, well, they serve to build new neuropathways – new connections – that will erase the old connections that no longer serve us.  The key to all of this is time.  We must be willing to commit to reminding (affirming) the new messages for at least 30 days – this will allow the new thought patterns to take hold.  Repetition is vital for long-term memory so repeat the process several times a day.

How excited would you be, after 30 days of feeding positive, expansive messages to yourself, you felt a deeper sense of Love for yourself, for your Loved ones and the world?  I think it’s worth finding out!

Would you like to see more information about affirmations?  Feel free to leave a comment to express your thoughts.

Now, enjoy the great day ahead of you!




*Time, Patience and the Butterfly

butterflies_16Birth of a Butterfly (click me) ……

I would like to share a story that was shared with me recently. It speaks of the sacred journey of being born into our lives. From a human perspective, some of us realize this early on; some of us realize this later in life. No matter when it happens, the point is that it does happen. It’s never too late to love yourself, your life, and find your place in the world. The birth of self – knowing who you are, what you value, and what your purpose is – means that we have fulfilled the unique gift of life that we were blessed with.
It takes faith, hope and patience to get there but the difference is we are no longer trapped in a cocoon; rather, we are free to fly.

A woman found the cocoon of a butterfly and she set it on a table in her sunporch, to observe it. One day, she noticed that a small opening had appeared. She sat and watched the butterfly as it struggled to force it’s body through that little hole, but then it seemd to stop altogether. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it had and it could go no further.

The woman decided to help the butterfly, so she took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily, but it had a swollen body and small, shrivelled wings. The woman continued to watch the butterfly because she expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand in order to support it’s body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened. In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings and was never able to fly.

What the woman, in her kindness and haste, did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were God’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into it’s wings so that it would be ready for flight, once free from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If God allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been. And, we might never fly.

*Thoughts on the Journey of Transcending Challenges

Honouring Our Pain

Pain. It certainly is a four-lettered word. We have all been squeamish with it and most of us avoid it as best we can, but what if we can look at it from a different angle? What if we looked at all events in life as a page or a chapter of learning? Pain is no different.  It is designed to teach us something – not just us either but, hopefully, those around us as well.

I remember a particular event in my life where I felt like Pandora’s Box had been opened – so many repressed feelings from childhood trauma seemed to be percolating up and out, all at once. People did not understand – even I did not fully understand all the pain I was feeling – but I can tell you that I was glad that it was on its way out.  If not, what  happens to such energy if it is not released?  I think this is where we’d get into some serious health problems.   “When going through hell, keep going.” (Winston Churchill)    Also vital to the process is a support network along the way.

Some people in my life did not understand at all and could not support me.  It makes sense though – it is hard to witness/support another when that person has repressed their own pain and are just were not capable of holding a safe/supportive space for another. “Get over it” and “Just put it behind you” are not supportive thoughts – if the person could, they simply would.  In trying to convey to others, I did find a good analogy…

Deeply painful moments are like putting our hands on a cast iron frying pan that is sitting on top of the large element, set to “high”.  After a few minutes, the pan is very hot and glowing red from so much heat. Imagine one’s hands are on the surface of the pan for about ten seconds – you can imagine what that would create. After peeling one’s hands off of the pan, there’s probably some flailing around, screaming and attempts to soothe them. This kind of pain is no different from intense emotional pain and yet you would never think of telling anyone to “get over it” in a physical situation. There is such a gap between the mental/emotional realm and the physical realm, in terms of public perception. People just need support and tools to “get over it” or “just put it behind you”.

We have to be okay with letting others move through their pain by acknowledging that everything is a teacher.  The best we can do is affirm our love for that person and be there for him/her while remaining cognizant of our own needs.

Our society seems pretty feeling-challenged. In other words, certain emotions are okay but others are not.  I hardly have to touch on the positive side of the spectrum – there’s not much to say because this is generally pretty pleasant.   We are socialized to keep the ‘negative’ emotions at bay.  How was your sadness or tears met at home? Was this welcomed or did you have to stuff it?

By honouring our feelings, and those of others, we enrich our lives and deepen the wells of compassion, empathy and growth in the world.  I think there’s a good deal of room available to expand on this!