Olé! You Have A Genius In You So Keep Following It’s Lead

I just watched a wonderful, inSpiring talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) and had to share it with you.  It is intimidating to be vulnerable when there is a river of creativity running through our hearts and minds begging to be shared with the world, but what else is that river for if not to share it?

Elizabeth does a beautiful job in re-framing this vulnerability and I think you will find this talk very honest, real, encouraging and uplifting.  We all need ways to express our perspective of the world ~ here are some ways to think on them.  Enjoy and BE inSpired! Scroll down and leave a comment if you like ~ I’d love to know what you think.

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To a fulfilled and happy planet!

One Amazing Solution If You’re Suffering From A Serious Learning Pang

When my eldest daughter was a toddler (2 decades ago…), I was a stay-at-home Mom on a mission.  I wanted to feed her only the healthiest, most-nutritious foods.  I used to buy a line of natural peanut butter, crush up chewable vitamic C tablets and blend them into the peanut butter.  I also added the contents of several capsules of chilled acidopholus so her intestinal flora would keep her eyes gleaming with great health.  I used to bake bread using stone-ground, whole-wheat flour and even considered buying the wheat and grinding it myself at one point. While it was great to do all I could as a Mom, I seldom took conscious ‘me’ time.  I was so thankful for CBC radio (like the NPR in the States) because, there, I could listen to world experts discuss topics about space or culture or the rates of recidivism with certain types of criminals.  This kept my mind juicy and popping with ideas and hypotheses.  I still listen and learn from CBC!

Around that time, I signed up for a womens’ self-development course, led by a keen therapist at a local co-operative, community health centre.  There were 4 other women in the group and, after that course was finished, we students went on to meet for 3 years every week (only missing here and there in the summers when there were family activities going on).  It was great to meet and talk about whatever came up around our self-growth journeys, and whatever else that needed to be shared. 

One time, the therapist, half-jokingly told me “Nancy, you’re suffering from terminal brain rot!”  At first, I was a little shocked to hear this expression but realized, after, that she was sortof right – part of me was bored.  She recognized the challenge stay-at-home Moms experienced – having a curious mind and not using it in a ‘fuller-spectrum’ kind of way.  

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a veterinarian.  I loved animals, healing, biology and helping.  As a young teen, I didn’t think I could get through the many years of education, and the expense was beyond my imagination and family means, so I wrote it off.  Boy, being a little older brings such a perspective shift!  Now, I know that I had the ability to do it.

Life happens – and continued learning just kept getting pushed farther and farther back until studying something I’ve always been interested in was like a fading apparition. Hey, that’s okay because I’ve been extremely Blessed in other ways, in my life.  Still, that little nudge has always been there!

Recently, my amazing sister Lynn emailed me something pretty exciting!  I was excited for myself, but also excited for you because maybe you’ve had a pang or two to learn and couldn’t swing it, for whatever reason.  Check out the link below and I hope, with all my heart, that it brings a great big smile to your face!  This post is dedicated to my sister Lynn, who is an amazing woman, friend and sister.  Thanks Lynn!

Now, go check out the long list of amazing, free courses!

YOU CAN do it!!!  🙂  https://www.coursera.org/

Live Long – Learn Lots – and Prosper!



On Working Out, Shuffling It Up, And Not Hypno-die-zing Oneself!

I can’t overemphasize the good that comes from exercising on a regular basis. For me, it has made a tremendous difference in my life and I am grateful. I wanted more deep change, so it was perfect timing to receive, and act on, an important message: “Start with your physiology.” (Thank you, Mike, Tim and Brendon) 

What it’s come to mean is feeling so much stronger physically because of the accumulation of muscle, the decumulation of 20+ lbs of fat (fat ends up taking on a life its own – pretty scary stuff), and a reduction of stress. My own protocol is: do the scheduled workouts.  When there’s energy that needs to be moved, the denser the energy, the more challenging the workout needs to be. This means that I elongate the time and ramp up the degree of difficulty on the treadmill. After I’m done my 45+ minutes, the energy has shifted and that dense energy has dissipated. Man, that feels good! [ Now, I’m not a professional trainer or physician, so do check in with your fitness/healthcare provider as to what’s best for you. ] If these insights from my own journey help you to feel great, then that is superb!

I’ve also gleaned a couple of things while listening to music as I work out…

Number 1 – I noticed that my music player is set to shuffle. Some people set it to the play the same list every time. It seems that that is a good metaphor for life. Do you like to know what’s coming up next in your life, or do you like the element of surprise?  If you’ve got a iron-clad list going, maybe it would be good to trust “shuffling” some things.

Number 2 – While listening to Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young” track, it dawned on me that by listening and singing along to this song multiple times, I was programming my mind to think this thought. Holy cow! Do I want to tell my brain that only the good die young? No way! Yes, you may be thinking that it wouldn’t bring about an early death (depending on how you view yourself), but it seems to me, that it could very well do just that. So, it’s prudent to really pay attention to the lyrics of the songs that we listen to. I don’t listen to a lot of the music that I used to listen to – for that very reason. There’s so much music with hideous lyrics but, thankfully, there is also a lot of great stuff too. Stay awake and protect your mind!

When you think about the songs you listen to, are there some that may be sending the wrong message to your brain?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Sending Love,


Dropping The Spears Of Shame – There Is No Perfect

It's the accumulation...

In the video below, Brene Brown takes our hearts on a journey that so many of us travel or, if fortune has been good, have travelled-to resolution… the dark road of shame. It’s been my mission to clean up old energy that really doesn’t serve my vision. It’s surprising how the energy from faulty beliefs ends up manifesting in life – and “shame” is the whopper – believing a pack of lies about who you are in this world.  It’s like having a bunch of little spigots stuck in one’s body with a subtle but constant flow of lifeforce dripping out.  It’s hard not to see the results of this over time… dreams and the deepests of desires fade from possibility. No one can afford to leave this leak going and that’s why I’m writing this post – because I so want everyone’s life to be as amazing, juicy and happy as possible – mine, yours, everyones.

There comes a time when it’s necessary to leave it behind. We have the ability to recreate each day anew – start over – leave the past in the past. What happened then is not who you are today. If something comes up that leaves ‘a wash of shame’ on you – listen to what your inner voice is saying… “I’m a bad person for having done that.” It’s imperative to challenge that inner critic and plant a new thought. “I did the best I could then, and I am getting better each day. I am a good person with a lot to offer.” You say this – because you are!  Don’t let a bunch of (negative thought) matadors run loose in your head! It’s not the first, awful, spear that causes the problem; it’s the accumulation of them.  Thoughts create ‘ruts’ in the brain so the sooner you ‘cancel’ the negative thoughts, the faster the brain can create new, positive pathways.   Leave it, and, before you know it, the vision for life has pretty much ebbed away. Say NO!!!  There really is so much more to us than we know and the amazing part is finding as many “easter eggs” of who we are in life. 🙂

Now, buckle yourself in for a very moving talk by the wonderfully-courageous Brene Brown.


This post is Lovingly dedicated to some special Earth Angels out there.  ; )
“You are the wind beneath my wings.”
Sending Soooooo much Love!  Thank You! 

100 years – International Womens Day – Are You A Feminist?

One hundred years ago, in Canada, women were not legally considered “a person” and thus not allowed to vote!  It wasn’t until 1918 that womens’ voices were finally able to be heard when they acquired the right to vote.  We owe a lot to the women who fought for these rights and, as the video (below) alludes to, need to boldly take back our roles as Feminists.  (Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Oxford Dictionary, online)

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat. Rebecca West

The word brings up a lot of different meanings for different mentalities but it is a simple word – complicated by controlling groups trying to dictate to women how they “should” be in their bodies, spirits and lives.  I say, it’s time for women all around the world to define what is right for themselves.

There is still balancing needed – very much needed – and I would even say – desperately needed – in order to right the course of our planet.  Following the principle of yin and yang, within the yin, there is a little yang, and within the yang, there is a little yin – but when we look at the balance of power in the world, we see that women’s voices are not represented enough and more men are needed to stand up to speak on behalf of womens rights.  It truly is in their best interest to do so.  We really need our partners for global change to happen.  WOMENS voices, in all their feminine glory – need to be heard from the grass roots right on up to the political realm.  Women do things differently and it is this difference that is missing from the slipping vitality of our planet.

So, today, let us reflect on our voices, on a grand reclamation of our Feminist selves,  and on shifting this planet so that everyone can benefit from a healthier world.

Do you think the world would benefit from greater levels of female energy – or are we ok as we are?

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Click the link below for an insightful perspective on where women stand these days…


Here’s to a better planet, for us all but especially for the generations that are to inherit it.

Boldly, with Love and Hope,


2011 – What It Could Be

Well, we are beginning a new year and I have to say that 2010 was filled with a lot of ……… experiential learning, so while it was NOT a particularly easy year (some of it really sucked), it was tasted, lived and learned.  I am thinking of calling 2010 my year of NO (…and, thus, KNOW) because of all the no’s I received and the no’s I ended up saying to myself!  Each experience holds a silver lining, a life lesson, so I will say there were many in the last year.

And 2011?  Well, it could be shaped into a productive, prosperous, happy, healthy and Loving year – or not.  I choose door #1 – the not-so-easy door.  Why?  Because it means being a lot more vulnerable.  Everybody starts off from a different point in life.  Some of us were steeped in a healthy, Loving and supportive environment but, unfortunately, most of us were not.  Part of the reason why we don’t live as fully as we could is the residue that remains, even after all those years.  Holding back comes from fear(s) – and, often, clusters of them, uniquely tailored from our own experiences, disappointments, and pain.  With that in mind, it is hard to be really vulnerable, but as the following excellent TED talk by Brene Brown explains, it is the key that opens the doors to a fuller life.  Have a listen and give it some thought.  Leave a comment if you like.

Thanks for stopping in!

Sprinkling some Love,

Nancy  : )

Do You Know Your Rights?

Be The Change.....

Last week-end I had a rare opportunity to participate in an assertiveness training workshop and it was such an eye opener!  I highly recommend this kind of training to everyone because we often forget how to really communicate with each other about our wants and needs, or to help others express theirs to us.  The course was small – only 3 participants (including yours truly) – and the teacher was wonderful.  Dr. Dan Sydiaha has decades of teaching experience and is an expert at delivering the material.  What a great opportunity to attend, particularly with these class dynamics.

It is astoundingly common that most people do NOT know their rights, and if you don’t know them, you can’t own them.  It’s not like most of us have never read them.  On the contrary, I had read them long ago but there is something about timing that allows the “right” information, at the “right” time, to really permeate one’s consciousness, particularly through this kind of experiential learning.

Being in chronic situations where one is asking over and over again for something (a need, a right) and not having it acknowledged, respected or fulfilled can really jump the needle up on the stress-o-meter. Also, having been in a work-place where bullying was going on, I can attest to how badly these skills are needed right now – in order for people to function at peak levels.  Being in unhealthy situations can really wear one’s Spirit down and re-owning one’s rights can act as an empowering re-set point.

Here is a link for you to learn, or reacquaint yourself, with your personal rights… click HERE. Take your time and focus on reading each one and how you feel after you’ve finished the list.

Consider how many times in one day yours were transgressed, or that you may have transgressed someone else’s.

This is a local act, with global implications!  Think of some of history’s leaders who completely obliterated the rights of thousands/millions of people – what if they had been respected as children and taught to respect others’ rights as well?  In Rwanda, 800,000 people were murdered in one month, Cambodia’s Khemer Rouge, led by Paul Pot, murdered two million people and I don’t have to remind you about Hitler.  Yes, I consider it — that far reaching — so if we want to be the change – we must take responsibility for that and learn — role model this to/for our children and all the world’s children.  Life is easier when we do not oppress ourselves, or others!

Know Your Rights!  Click here to read them!

Here’s to a healthier world!



The Present In Your Future…

~ Finding our heart's space

Do you realize that there is a great present in your future? Well, there is!  Let me explain.

Recently, I was invited to a 2-part workshop with Ti Caine and Sherri Nickols which was quite an inspiring and transformative experience!  In the process that Ti does, “FutureVisioning,” we were asked to imagine ourselves into the future.  When there is a lot of trauma, loss, stress, or a string of (seemingly) unfortunate events, it can be challenging to look into the future because we are stuck and mired in the old stuff.  How can we be present, enjoying time TO-DAY, if we are having a hard time processing yesterday’s stuff and maybe feeling less than hopeful about tomorrow?  Well, there is a way to lasso the different “time zones” and resolve what is needing resolution so that the present is, well, a big, bright beautiful present!

The future creates the present. Lazaris.

Think about that for a moment.

Those who write their goals/dreams down will have a far better chance of actually attaining them than those who do not.  Similarly, if we have a foggy or less-than-sparkling view of the future, then that is what will be created.  When we anchor in our vision of the future, it takes care of the present.

After much frustration with manifesting what I want in life, it is apparent that building a bridge to our highest heart wishes is crucial.  A good place to start is with a vision board.  Gather some magazines and cut out any photos that “speak” to you.  Other items can include something you craft/write yourself to add.  The sky’s the limit with this so let your creativity flow.

If you have some time to do the Futurevisioning process with Ti, I highly recommend it.  Sherri has a great site and I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter.  It was a Blessing to meet and work with both Sherri and Ti.  I am including links to reach them at the end of this post, if you want to find out more.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note.

The point, in being here, is to have a fun, connective and soul-expanding time.  We are meant to be free, to grow and thrive.  Whatever I can do – to help you do that – I will do!

Remember who you are:  a chip of the old omniscient, omnipotent Goddess/God Block!  I am just reminding you!  : )



Click here to —-> Check out Sherri’s site

Click here to —-> Check out Ti’s site

Mind Your Mind, Your Spirit, and Your Body

Glowing Heart Lotus




I’ve been through a lot of tests/lessons in my life, some of which I  wondered how (and even if) I would make it through them.  Undoubtedly, you have too.  Loss of the people we love can trigger old grief, unhealed, dangling events from childhood that call for attention.  There are so many layers in life that emerge as we grow.  I think they only come when they come because that is when we can deal with them.  If we don’t address them then, they will emerge again, until that layer is resolved.  The best we can do is feel them, understand them, let them speak to us and give to ourselves the very thing that was probably wasn’t present when they occurred:  compassion and Love.  Excellent investment = a journal. Write, write, write – even if it’s a sentence or two each day!


In The Nice Girl Syndrome, by Brenda Engel, there is an exercise asking the reader to list all the areas where one’s parents were neglectful.  Not being aware/conscious of these areas can cause repeated reinactments in one’s life, to resolve the pain.  After listing these areas, the next step is to do these items on the list – for yourself, now.  So, if you felt neglected because you always got the hand-me-downs in your family, then make a conscious effort to buy new things (if that’s do-able).  If you felt neglected because one or both of your parents seldom/never said “I Love You”, then tell yourself  “I Love You” in the mirror every night.  Say it until you see your face soften and you really feel it.  I’ve done it.  It feels weird at first, but it does work to soften the heart.  In what ways did you miss out?  Did you miss out on being allowed to freely express your feelings?  Do it now.  Start with the safe people in your life and take small steps, but keep this in mind – we were socialized as women to be nice, good and never get angry (oh my!) – it is your perfect right to feel what you feel.  I highly recommend Brenda’s book (above) for some great insights.
If you can use this tool for your childhood issues, then why not use it in your adult life as well?  What things are missing from your life now?  How can you give them to yourself?  For instance, maybe your list includes an issue of being lonely.  A solution might be to volunteer at a hospital or take up a hobby that you really enjoy.  With the latter, investing time in the things we love to do scatters lonliness to the wind.  For me, some favourites include reading, painting, and hiking. What do you love to do that you are so pleasurably absorbed in that you lose track of time?

In the meantime, it’s easy to get off track with exercisingbecause the mind/emotions are so engaged, but it’s important to feel strong and flexible.  I did an amazing dvd yesterday and wanted to recommend it to you because it is so free-ing to do it!  Click on the link to find some info. on it…  Shiva Rae – Yoga Trance Dance.  Good stuff if you like to dance and like yoga, but you’re not at the hard-core toes in your ears level yet! : ))  I also find that investing a bit of time to move my body helps me to make better, healthier choices later on.  In what ways do you support your body, your temple? 


Nancy  : )

Revised CPR Method and The BeeGees-What’s The Connection?

It’s now a lot easier to step in if someone has collapsed to help keep them alive.  The last time I was in a CPR (cardiopulmonary resusitation) class, I was given a dummy to practice administering the breath of life on – to make sure I had the technique down.  At that time, it was fifteen compressions then one breath, and re-start the sequence.  You just counted the beats to yourself and The BeeGees were never involved!  More on the Gibb brothers later…

The revised guidelines exclude having to do the pulmonary part because it has been found that most people have high enough blood oxygen levels that it can be omitted.  The cardio part is of most importance and the aim is the same – to circulate blood throughout the body (especially the brain) for the failing heart.  Interestingly, it was found that some people simply would not step in to help if it involved putting their mouth on the other person’s mouth, leaving people to perish without the critically-important immediate help!  Every minute of no help equates to a near 10% decrease in their ability to survive.

But, how do you know if you are going fast enough to pump the blood around?  One hundred beats per minute is the measure to hit and that’s pretty fast!  Well, it appears that The Bee Gees will forever be your co-partner in saving lives because of their huge hit “Staying Alive.”  Just get that song going in your mind and compress to the beats…. Uh, Uh, Uh, Staying Alive…..  That’s good stuff!

Check out the revised technique here… 

Life is precious.  Please pass this info. on to others.  And, if you didn’t notice the hyperlink to our BeeGees buddies above, click HERE.   It’s okay to get up and dance around – it was a good album!  🙂

Hug Life, Love Life!