Looking Back Through an Innocent Heart

What happens to us as we grow from children to adults?  What happens to the magic we see everywhere and feel in our hearts?  What happens to that wonderful direct and honest approach that is first nature?  Why do we speak through our heads instead of speaking from our hearts?  What the hell are we so afraid of as time tackles our dreams to the ground?

Here is a lovely poem that helps us look through our child’s eyes and I mean our child as in the one that stays within our own heart and Soul – the child we “used” to be.  Read along and remember how different our perspective is as adults now.  Why?  Because we’ve built walls and won’t listen to each other’s hearts, having been “stung” before (so, that must mean we’ll get stung again, right?  Better put up a wall!!)

If we aspire to make this planet a better, more peaceful place, it is imperative to talk to one another, resolve issues, approach relationships with honesty and respect.

I will continue this thread of thought with the next post and, in the meantime, please read the poem and remember how an innocent heart views the world.

To a Child

The greatest poem ever known
Is one all poets have outgrown:
The poetry, innate, untold,
Of being only four years old.

Still young enough to be a part
Of Nature’s great impulsive heart,
Born comrade of bird, beast and tree
And unselfconscious as the bee —

And yet with lovely reason skilled
Each day new paradise to build.
Elate explorer of each sense,
Without dismay, without pretense!

In your unstained, transparent eyes
There is no conscience, no surprise:
Life’s queer conundrums you accept
Your strange divinity still kept.

Being that now enthralls you, all
Harmonious, unit, integral,
Will shed into perplexing bits —
Oh, contradiction of the wits!

And Life, that puts all things in rhyme
May make you poet, too, in time —
But there were days, O tender elf,
When you were Poetry itself!

— Christopher Morley (1922)

Until next time, work on yourSelf, for that is all there is you can truly share in the world.


Tapping Into Money Blocks

Money! Remember this one?


bacon, baksheesh,  banknote, bankroll, beans, benjamins, berries, big bucks, bits, bones, boodle, bread, bucks, buckshee, c-note, capital, cash, cabbage, capital, change, cheddar cheese, chicamin, coin, coinage, cream, currency, danegeld, dinero, dividends, dollars, dosh, dough, ducats,  lucre, f bills, finbacks, funds, gelt, gold certificate, grand, gravy, green, greenbacks, jack, kale, kitty, legal tender, lettuce, loot, mammon, mazuma, moolah, Oscar, pap, pay, payment, pecunia, pesos, pile, plaster, pounds, shillings and pence, proceeds, purse receipts, ready money, ready cash, rhino, rivets, roll, scratch, silver, certificate, smackerals, smackeroos, specie, spondulicks, sugar, sum, tithe, treasure, wad, wampum, wealth, wherewithal.

These are just some of the terms used for money and I’m sure you’ve heard or spoken a few of them yourself.

Most of us have spent our lives worrying about, not  having enough of, hating it, spending it, saving it, investing it, earning it, blowing it, giving it, receiving it, or hoarding it.  It is only a tiny fraction of the world that was born with lots of it, but even they had to make sure they didn’t lose it!

For me, money often equated to stress because there wasn’t always enough.  One thing I have learned is that it does follow movement and flowing energy.  The ebb and flow of the mind and body will often show up externally, and the realm of money is not missed.  Think “down” thoughts a lot – poof, watch your money go down (unless you have enough to hire someone to manage it for you).

What else can be expected but to form subconscious beliefs about money when wealth is not a reality in one’s family, when parents fight over it, when we go without because there isn’t enough of it and where society paints it with so many negative connotations (“money is the root of all evil”)?  Well, those are places I’ve been and one of my missions is to finish re-constructing my relationship with money because there are many more perspectives/realities about it than my own and, frankly, I don’t believe we were born to be enslaved by it.

While what I grew up around affected my perception of money, the daily ebb and flow of emotions, particularly feelings of rejection, belonging, purpose and even Love, have a pronounced impact as well.  Bruise those areas and it’s easy to knock the money block into a seized-up situation and, because we are unique individuals, each person will have their own list of emotional triggers.

I am an explorer, seeking out solutions that “stick” so that I have a holster of tools to use when I need to change a situation that isn’t working or move through places that need healing.  Helping others to do the same feels natural and good as well.  I did use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) some time ago, but it didn’t work 100% for me because I found the necessity of using specific scripts restrictive.  Well, it was a breath of fresh air to be invited to a series of interviews this week that focused on releasing money blocks.  Pamela Bruner, an EFT practitioner, did a great job interviewing experts and I had a few AHA moments which, to me, is like an ever-patient Divine kiss on my cheek and a hearty hi-five! 🙂    In case you haven’t heard of EFT, it is a very simple system that works on energy meridians in the body (akin to accupuncture but without the needles).  Sometimes, energy gets blocked/trapped along these lines and we don’t feel so great.  That’s where unblocking and EFT comes in.

I feel a bit of a renaissance with the EFT practice because of how Pamela has adapted the practice to focus on the emotions and not so much on a script = Freedom!  Taking care of what I am feeling by shifting old stuff makes room for new, good stuff and more energy!  It feels great.  Here are a couple of videos from Pamela.  You may be pleasantly surprised if you give it a whirl, or two!

These are the tapping points…

Here is a way to work through whatever emotion(s) you would like to shift, without a script!

Feel free to leave a comment about your results or if you have any questions! [superemotions file=”icon_smile.gif” title=”Smile”]

You Are Not Your Story!

A comment from Neale Donald Walsch’s daily insight has highlighted an important phrase to remember and also reminded me of the growth I have experienced in the last few years.  What phrase is that?  Well, it is…

You are not your story.

A long time ago, I had a great loss in my life and it was incredibly painful.  When I reached out for wisdom and guidance, I found that very phrase shared with me.

You are not your story.

What is your story?  And, why do we tend to incorporate and wear the negative aspects more than the positive ones anyway?

Is your story one of injustice, abuse (sexual, emotional, physical…), lack, being victimized/used, abandoned, lied to?  Look at those words – how do they make you feel?  Juicy and alive?  No, ‘didn’t think so.

We can really feel the weight of negative words/experiences – they suck energy away from the Soul and dull the eyes.  Fortunately, when the weight is heavy enough, and we are tired of it, we can choose to relinquish the load.  There will come a point when life’s finite reality seeps in and we wish to live in a more abundant state.  And by abundant I mean – abundance of self-love, courage, assertion for that which you want to experience in life (a family, a home, travelling, etc. – fill in the blank).  There will come a time when accepting the old “story”lines just don’t work anymore and you will say “I want, and deserve, more” and that very shift will be part of the crucial elements that will manifest it.  Please take a moment to listen to this video, and follow the suggestion made in it…  It will only take a moment! (then scroll down because there is more to follow….) No peaking!    🙂

Okay, hopefully, you took a moment to follow along to this beautiful meditation.  Can I ask you something?  While you were watching it, were you “there” in the places suggested or were you thinking about the past (your story)?  Chances are that you were present for all or parts of it and that is where you left your weighty story behind without even realizing it!  Now, the next step is to do it consciously!  And you can – because it will bring you more of what you DO want in your life.  Internal abundance!  We resonate richly from inside and it beams outwardly – and, one by one, the world becomes an ever better place!  “Be the change…”  <3


Nancy  🙂

Finding a Life of Purpose – The Passion Test

We are all called but not everyone answers! What is calling on the other end of the line? Your Higher Self, of course!

Ring, ring…

Earthly You:  Hello!….

Godly You
: Yes, a big Loving hello to you! This is You speaking, on Spiritual steroids, and I am nudging you to listen to the hints I’ve been sending you, which you’ve been ignoring, dismissing, or laughing at!

Earthly You
: Yes, I’ve felt something but they don’t make sense. How can I quit my job and go climb Everest-that’s crazy! I mean, I know I’ve always been interested in mountaineering but it doesn’t pay. In fact, it costs!

Godly You
: Trust, you must trust, that fulfillment and wealth originates in the heart, not from the wallet. Do what you can to prepare and then follow your heart.

Earthly You
: What?!! I’m hanging up now, Yoda!

Does this conversation sound somewhat familiar? I know I’ve had it a few times with myself. Well, not that one exactly but something similar. This matter boils down to an important issue: getting only 2/3’s of life’s pie, 2 parts of life’s trinity. What trinity? Well, the Heart, Soul and Mind. The heart informs the mind, which is first guided by the Spirit. If our minds have a bunch of static from false beliefs and such, it will override (shadow out) the Light of what we were meant to do in life. There is not only “one” thing we are meant to do either, because life is an evolutionary dynamic and change is its base. Perhaps, instead, we are lead through our special path by our hearts/interests/passions.

There is a simple but incredibly powerful tool that I came across a few years ago that illuminates where are hearts are really at. It’s easy to “think” them being somewhere, when in fact they are somewhere else completely. The tool is The Passion Test, found in the book that carries the same name “The Passion Test” (by Chris and Janet Attwood), and it can also be taken online. Once completed, it is difficult to go back to living tuned out from your heart. Every time we make a conscious choice to follow our hearts, we strengthen that way of Being. Wonderful things start to happen and things start to feel “right”. I am not saying there won’t be hurdles, but hurdles are much easier to get over when a deeper, brighter target (goal) is calling us from beyond.

Am I doing something I am passionate about? Yes, I love to share with others, write and work on-line. I have had many hurdles to overcome to be able to write this but they have only strengthened me. More will arise because they go hand in hand with growth and evolution – there as a readiness preparation for that new place I envision. Keep growing – keep changing – keep loving. If you would like information on The Passion Test, please click here.

Scroll down to watch an interview with Janet and Chris!

To a life of brilliant passions!
Nancy  [superemotions file=”icon_smile.gif” title=”Smile”]

So, Who are you?

At some point in our lives, most of us have stopped to wonder…”Who am I?”  I don’t mean what you do, if you have a six pack or knew Tupac, who you’re married to or who you slept with, if you had a zillion-dollar mansion, tons of toys, and 24Kt gold faucets… I mean – if you took all the “stuff” away – would you be okay?  At the core, would you still feel tall, strong, worthwhile and Loving/Loveable?

I subscribe to Neale Donald Walsch’s daily notes.  I love them because, often, they are succinct and spot on with something I am feeling or thinking about.   Here is a note I received recently….

On this day of your life, Nancy, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you are loved on this day for all the wonder that you bring to your world with the gift of being you.

Hard to believe, isn’t it, that you are that special in the eyes of God? Yet you are–and not because of what you have done, but because of who you are. You are God’s own creation, an expression of Divinity in human form.  The fastest way to experience this is to be the vehicle through which others sees it in themselves. Each person is walking his or her path and doing his or her best. God knows this and that is why God loves you all.

Sometimes, we need little nudges to remind us that we are Loving, spiritual Beings and not just physical bodies climbing up Maslow’s pyramid.  We need to remember that the mere chance of our existence is so miniscule as to be the near equivalent of a microscopic dust particle in the entirety of Universes we are, at present, aware of… and there will be many more unveiled in years to come, I am sure.  Just to be conceived is a sheer miracle.  When we pass, our Spirit leaves the body and travels on somewhere else.  Who were we while we were here?  What did we stand for?  What moved our hearts that we made better?  Who did we Love?  What was beautiful to us?

Think about that.  No matter what people may have said about you, in their non-understanding, it is imperative to hold your True, Spiritual self at the core of your heart.   Leave the tags and labels behind – they are meant to discourage and sink you – hold God’s mirror to your heart and go experience why you are here.  It may be to touch one life, millions of lives or to evolutionize your own.

And, for the record, please know that when I speak of God, I know there are many, many names used through all the belief systems – please fill in the blank with what you choose, if any!

If you are interested in daily spiritual nuggets, you can check out Neale’s site:  http://www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/index.php?p=Signup



Decrease stress, increase health, simplify….

I love to cook and part the adventure of it is trying new foods to cook with.   I was looking up what to do with some Thai eggplant I found the other day and made another discovery…. an on-line menu planning system that is free to use.  Unless you have someone in your household that does the cooking for you, you will probably find this nifty tool quite ….well … nifty!  [superemotions file=”icon_biggrin.gif” title=”Big Grin”]  The thing is – when meals are planned out ahead of time, it saves money, decreases the stress of foraging for last-minute menu items, decreases extra trips to the grocery store, creates more room for healthier meals and, overall, simplifies life.

There are tons of great recipes on the site that you can just click and add – how easy is that? !!!  [superemotions file=”icon_wink.gif” title=”Wink”]

If you’d like to try it out, here’s the link: CLICK HERE

Let me know how that works for you in the comment box below!

Bon Apetit!


Welcome to my new blog, designed to make this world a lot better, one heart at a time!  Let’s get started, Sistas! [superemotions file=”icon_smile.gif” title=”Smile”]  [superemotions file=”icon_arrow.gif” title=”Arrow Icon”]