Dropping The Spears Of Shame – There Is No Perfect

It's the accumulation...

In the video below, Brene Brown takes our hearts on a journey that so many of us travel or, if fortune has been good, have travelled-to resolution… the dark road of shame. It’s been my mission to clean up old energy that really doesn’t serve my vision. It’s surprising how the energy from faulty beliefs ends up manifesting in life – and “shame” is the whopper – believing a pack of lies about who you are in this world.  It’s like having a bunch of little spigots stuck in one’s body with a subtle but constant flow of lifeforce dripping out.  It’s hard not to see the results of this over time… dreams and the deepests of desires fade from possibility. No one can afford to leave this leak going and that’s why I’m writing this post – because I so want everyone’s life to be as amazing, juicy and happy as possible – mine, yours, everyones.

There comes a time when it’s necessary to leave it behind. We have the ability to recreate each day anew – start over – leave the past in the past. What happened then is not who you are today. If something comes up that leaves ‘a wash of shame’ on you – listen to what your inner voice is saying… “I’m a bad person for having done that.” It’s imperative to challenge that inner critic and plant a new thought. “I did the best I could then, and I am getting better each day. I am a good person with a lot to offer.” You say this – because you are!  Don’t let a bunch of (negative thought) matadors run loose in your head! It’s not the first, awful, spear that causes the problem; it’s the accumulation of them.  Thoughts create ‘ruts’ in the brain so the sooner you ‘cancel’ the negative thoughts, the faster the brain can create new, positive pathways.   Leave it, and, before you know it, the vision for life has pretty much ebbed away. Say NO!!!  There really is so much more to us than we know and the amazing part is finding as many “easter eggs” of who we are in life. 🙂

Now, buckle yourself in for a very moving talk by the wonderfully-courageous Brene Brown.


This post is Lovingly dedicated to some special Earth Angels out there.  ; )
“You are the wind beneath my wings.”
Sending Soooooo much Love!  Thank You! 

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