On Working Out, Shuffling It Up, And Not Hypno-die-zing Oneself!

I can’t overemphasize the good that comes from exercising on a regular basis. For me, it has made a tremendous difference in my life and I am grateful. I wanted more deep change, so it was perfect timing to receive, and act on, an important message: “Start with your physiology.” (Thank you, Mike, Tim and Brendon) 

What it’s come to mean is feeling so much stronger physically because of the accumulation of muscle, the decumulation of 20+ lbs of fat (fat ends up taking on a life its own – pretty scary stuff), and a reduction of stress. My own protocol is: do the scheduled workouts.  When there’s energy that needs to be moved, the denser the energy, the more challenging the workout needs to be. This means that I elongate the time and ramp up the degree of difficulty on the treadmill. After I’m done my 45+ minutes, the energy has shifted and that dense energy has dissipated. Man, that feels good! [ Now, I’m not a professional trainer or physician, so do check in with your fitness/healthcare provider as to what’s best for you. ] If these insights from my own journey help you to feel great, then that is superb!

I’ve also gleaned a couple of things while listening to music as I work out…

Number 1 – I noticed that my music player is set to shuffle. Some people set it to the play the same list every time. It seems that that is a good metaphor for life. Do you like to know what’s coming up next in your life, or do you like the element of surprise?  If you’ve got a iron-clad list going, maybe it would be good to trust “shuffling” some things.

Number 2 – While listening to Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young” track, it dawned on me that by listening and singing along to this song multiple times, I was programming my mind to think this thought. Holy cow! Do I want to tell my brain that only the good die young? No way! Yes, you may be thinking that it wouldn’t bring about an early death (depending on how you view yourself), but it seems to me, that it could very well do just that. So, it’s prudent to really pay attention to the lyrics of the songs that we listen to. I don’t listen to a lot of the music that I used to listen to – for that very reason. There’s so much music with hideous lyrics but, thankfully, there is also a lot of great stuff too. Stay awake and protect your mind!

When you think about the songs you listen to, are there some that may be sending the wrong message to your brain?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Sending Love,


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