One Amazing Solution If You’re Suffering From A Serious Learning Pang

When my eldest daughter was a toddler (2 decades ago…), I was a stay-at-home Mom on a mission.  I wanted to feed her only the healthiest, most-nutritious foods.  I used to buy a line of natural peanut butter, crush up chewable vitamic C tablets and blend them into the peanut butter.  I also added the contents of several capsules of chilled acidopholus so her intestinal flora would keep her eyes gleaming with great health.  I used to bake bread using stone-ground, whole-wheat flour and even considered buying the wheat and grinding it myself at one point. While it was great to do all I could as a Mom, I seldom took conscious ‘me’ time.  I was so thankful for CBC radio (like the NPR in the States) because, there, I could listen to world experts discuss topics about space or culture or the rates of recidivism with certain types of criminals.  This kept my mind juicy and popping with ideas and hypotheses.  I still listen and learn from CBC!

Around that time, I signed up for a womens’ self-development course, led by a keen therapist at a local co-operative, community health centre.  There were 4 other women in the group and, after that course was finished, we students went on to meet for 3 years every week (only missing here and there in the summers when there were family activities going on).  It was great to meet and talk about whatever came up around our self-growth journeys, and whatever else that needed to be shared. 

One time, the therapist, half-jokingly told me “Nancy, you’re suffering from terminal brain rot!”  At first, I was a little shocked to hear this expression but realized, after, that she was sortof right – part of me was bored.  She recognized the challenge stay-at-home Moms experienced – having a curious mind and not using it in a ‘fuller-spectrum’ kind of way.  

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a veterinarian.  I loved animals, healing, biology and helping.  As a young teen, I didn’t think I could get through the many years of education, and the expense was beyond my imagination and family means, so I wrote it off.  Boy, being a little older brings such a perspective shift!  Now, I know that I had the ability to do it.

Life happens – and continued learning just kept getting pushed farther and farther back until studying something I’ve always been interested in was like a fading apparition. Hey, that’s okay because I’ve been extremely Blessed in other ways, in my life.  Still, that little nudge has always been there!

Recently, my amazing sister Lynn emailed me something pretty exciting!  I was excited for myself, but also excited for you because maybe you’ve had a pang or two to learn and couldn’t swing it, for whatever reason.  Check out the link below and I hope, with all my heart, that it brings a great big smile to your face!  This post is dedicated to my sister Lynn, who is an amazing woman, friend and sister.  Thanks Lynn!

Now, go check out the long list of amazing, free courses!

YOU CAN do it!!!  🙂

Live Long – Learn Lots – and Prosper!



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