Revised CPR Method and The BeeGees-What’s The Connection?

It’s now a lot easier to step in if someone has collapsed to help keep them alive.  The last time I was in a CPR (cardiopulmonary resusitation) class, I was given a dummy to practice administering the breath of life on – to make sure I had the technique down.  At that time, it was fifteen compressions then one breath, and re-start the sequence.  You just counted the beats to yourself and The BeeGees were never involved!  More on the Gibb brothers later…

The revised guidelines exclude having to do the pulmonary part because it has been found that most people have high enough blood oxygen levels that it can be omitted.  The cardio part is of most importance and the aim is the same – to circulate blood throughout the body (especially the brain) for the failing heart.  Interestingly, it was found that some people simply would not step in to help if it involved putting their mouth on the other person’s mouth, leaving people to perish without the critically-important immediate help!  Every minute of no help equates to a near 10% decrease in their ability to survive.

But, how do you know if you are going fast enough to pump the blood around?  One hundred beats per minute is the measure to hit and that’s pretty fast!  Well, it appears that The Bee Gees will forever be your co-partner in saving lives because of their huge hit “Staying Alive.”  Just get that song going in your mind and compress to the beats…. Uh, Uh, Uh, Staying Alive…..  That’s good stuff!

Check out the revised technique here… 

Life is precious.  Please pass this info. on to others.  And, if you didn’t notice the hyperlink to our BeeGees buddies above, click HERE.   It’s okay to get up and dance around – it was a good album!  🙂

Hug Life, Love Life!


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