Superbug Roulette with Canadian Grocery-store Chicken

Part of the reason that I chose to drastically reduce my consumption of meat (basically, I’m 98% vegetarian) shows up in an alarming documentary recently aired on CBC’s Marketplace show.  It is imperative to be aware of this problem because it has far-reaching health effects, particularly if you’ve taken many doses of antibiotics and may have developed some resistance to them.

Because of the current laws in Canada, chicken producers are permitted to feed antibiotics full-time to their chicken flocks – even when they are perfectly healthy!  As one person put it so succinctly in the presentation which we’ll get to soon – would we consume these powerful drugs along side our vitmains – every day?  Heck no!  We realize the redundancy/danger in doing so.  This gap in reasoning is somehow eluding the Canadian meat producers and particularly, the bodies that oversee laws and public health/safety.

We are regressing – because of the serious misuse of these drugs – back to the time when, if someone contracted pneumonia, 50% died of it within 16-20 days.  Why?  Because they had no antibiotics to rely on.  We are getting close to the point where these drugs will no longer work if fast-crop profits are put over public health/safey. It is not only our voices, as  consumers, that help change policy, but our actions as well.  Money talks.  Try buying something else.

One alternative, when choosing a protein source at the grocery store, is to consider beans which have a lot of protein and fibre (meat has no fibre!).  If you are concerned about adding to the current global methane challenge that may result from eating beans, try buying Bean-o (an enzyme which helps inhibit natural gas formation…  ; )  Works for me-hopefully for you too if you need it!

Read labels, stay safe!  Here is the video…

CLICK HERE to watch the 22-minute presentation.

Love & Blessings!

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