Osirus And How Your Heart Measures Up

When I was a young girl, I was fascinated with King Tut and ancient Egypt. It’s interesting how the areas we are attracted to in life often have a lot of relevance later on.
In ancient Egypt, Osiris was the biggest god of the underworld.  When people died, their hearts (which were believed to be the dwelling place of the Soul) were removed and measured against the feather of Truth.  If the heart was heavier than the feather, the heart would be thrown to Ahmet – a monster of a creature that would snap it up, chomp it down, and it would be game over for your soul – no hope for re-birth!

I thought this was a powerful concept and that’s why I’m sharing it with you now.  Most of us go through life inadvertently collecting judgments, resentments, hurts, disappointments -and more- from all the experiences we’ve gone through.  It’s not always a conscious choice – feelings are just felt and often not totally processed.  Society is riddled with this – most of us have grown up in homes where feelings were distorted in some way.  We learned to process them by… stuffing, downgrading, anesthetizing, projecting them onto others.  But, they fester and colour our perception of others and our world.  

Think about it!  Could you honestly say that your heart is free and clear and feels as light as a feather?  I know I couldn’t, but I’m working on it and being aware of this, visualizing that feather in my heart, is a cool little practice.  Being conscious of feelings by checking in …

“Do I want to hang on to this yucky feeling — or can I forgive this person and let go of these _____________ vibes?”  

(fill in the blank with your feelings.  By taking ownership of them, they can be released because you choose to do just that). 

Maybe Osiris isn’t waiting downstairs, but we are all here NOW – on the ground floor- likely, wanting an expansive, well-lived life.  Holding a feather in your heart is a good way to start, or continue, on that path.

Walk tall and carry a light feather!



The Present In Your Future…

~ Finding our heart's space

Do you realize that there is a great present in your future? Well, there is!  Let me explain.

Recently, I was invited to a 2-part workshop with Ti Caine and Sherri Nickols which was quite an inspiring and transformative experience!  In the process that Ti does, “FutureVisioning,” we were asked to imagine ourselves into the future.  When there is a lot of trauma, loss, stress, or a string of (seemingly) unfortunate events, it can be challenging to look into the future because we are stuck and mired in the old stuff.  How can we be present, enjoying time TO-DAY, if we are having a hard time processing yesterday’s stuff and maybe feeling less than hopeful about tomorrow?  Well, there is a way to lasso the different “time zones” and resolve what is needing resolution so that the present is, well, a big, bright beautiful present!

The future creates the present. Lazaris.

Think about that for a moment.

Those who write their goals/dreams down will have a far better chance of actually attaining them than those who do not.  Similarly, if we have a foggy or less-than-sparkling view of the future, then that is what will be created.  When we anchor in our vision of the future, it takes care of the present.

After much frustration with manifesting what I want in life, it is apparent that building a bridge to our highest heart wishes is crucial.  A good place to start is with a vision board.  Gather some magazines and cut out any photos that “speak” to you.  Other items can include something you craft/write yourself to add.  The sky’s the limit with this so let your creativity flow.

If you have some time to do the Futurevisioning process with Ti, I highly recommend it.  Sherri has a great site and I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter.  It was a Blessing to meet and work with both Sherri and Ti.  I am including links to reach them at the end of this post, if you want to find out more.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note.

The point, in being here, is to have a fun, connective and soul-expanding time.  We are meant to be free, to grow and thrive.  Whatever I can do – to help you do that – I will do!

Remember who you are:  a chip of the old omniscient, omnipotent Goddess/God Block!  I am just reminding you!  : )



Click here to —-> Check out Sherri’s site

Click here to —-> Check out Ti’s site

Mind Your Mind, Your Spirit, and Your Body

Glowing Heart Lotus




I’ve been through a lot of tests/lessons in my life, some of which I  wondered how (and even if) I would make it through them.  Undoubtedly, you have too.  Loss of the people we love can trigger old grief, unhealed, dangling events from childhood that call for attention.  There are so many layers in life that emerge as we grow.  I think they only come when they come because that is when we can deal with them.  If we don’t address them then, they will emerge again, until that layer is resolved.  The best we can do is feel them, understand them, let them speak to us and give to ourselves the very thing that was probably wasn’t present when they occurred:  compassion and Love.  Excellent investment = a journal. Write, write, write – even if it’s a sentence or two each day!


In The Nice Girl Syndrome, by Brenda Engel, there is an exercise asking the reader to list all the areas where one’s parents were neglectful.  Not being aware/conscious of these areas can cause repeated reinactments in one’s life, to resolve the pain.  After listing these areas, the next step is to do these items on the list – for yourself, now.  So, if you felt neglected because you always got the hand-me-downs in your family, then make a conscious effort to buy new things (if that’s do-able).  If you felt neglected because one or both of your parents seldom/never said “I Love You”, then tell yourself  “I Love You” in the mirror every night.  Say it until you see your face soften and you really feel it.  I’ve done it.  It feels weird at first, but it does work to soften the heart.  In what ways did you miss out?  Did you miss out on being allowed to freely express your feelings?  Do it now.  Start with the safe people in your life and take small steps, but keep this in mind – we were socialized as women to be nice, good and never get angry (oh my!) – it is your perfect right to feel what you feel.  I highly recommend Brenda’s book (above) for some great insights.
If you can use this tool for your childhood issues, then why not use it in your adult life as well?  What things are missing from your life now?  How can you give them to yourself?  For instance, maybe your list includes an issue of being lonely.  A solution might be to volunteer at a hospital or take up a hobby that you really enjoy.  With the latter, investing time in the things we love to do scatters lonliness to the wind.  For me, some favourites include reading, painting, and hiking. What do you love to do that you are so pleasurably absorbed in that you lose track of time?

In the meantime, it’s easy to get off track with exercisingbecause the mind/emotions are so engaged, but it’s important to feel strong and flexible.  I did an amazing dvd yesterday and wanted to recommend it to you because it is so free-ing to do it!  Click on the link to find some info. on it…  Shiva Rae – Yoga Trance Dance.  Good stuff if you like to dance and like yoga, but you’re not at the hard-core toes in your ears level yet! : ))  I also find that investing a bit of time to move my body helps me to make better, healthier choices later on.  In what ways do you support your body, your temple? 


Nancy  : )

Tapping Into Money Blocks

Money! Remember this one?


bacon, baksheesh,  banknote, bankroll, beans, benjamins, berries, big bucks, bits, bones, boodle, bread, bucks, buckshee, c-note, capital, cash, cabbage, capital, change, cheddar cheese, chicamin, coin, coinage, cream, currency, danegeld, dinero, dividends, dollars, dosh, dough, ducats,  lucre, f bills, finbacks, funds, gelt, gold certificate, grand, gravy, green, greenbacks, jack, kale, kitty, legal tender, lettuce, loot, mammon, mazuma, moolah, Oscar, pap, pay, payment, pecunia, pesos, pile, plaster, pounds, shillings and pence, proceeds, purse receipts, ready money, ready cash, rhino, rivets, roll, scratch, silver, certificate, smackerals, smackeroos, specie, spondulicks, sugar, sum, tithe, treasure, wad, wampum, wealth, wherewithal.

These are just some of the terms used for money and I’m sure you’ve heard or spoken a few of them yourself.

Most of us have spent our lives worrying about, not  having enough of, hating it, spending it, saving it, investing it, earning it, blowing it, giving it, receiving it, or hoarding it.  It is only a tiny fraction of the world that was born with lots of it, but even they had to make sure they didn’t lose it!

For me, money often equated to stress because there wasn’t always enough.  One thing I have learned is that it does follow movement and flowing energy.  The ebb and flow of the mind and body will often show up externally, and the realm of money is not missed.  Think “down” thoughts a lot – poof, watch your money go down (unless you have enough to hire someone to manage it for you).

What else can be expected but to form subconscious beliefs about money when wealth is not a reality in one’s family, when parents fight over it, when we go without because there isn’t enough of it and where society paints it with so many negative connotations (“money is the root of all evil”)?  Well, those are places I’ve been and one of my missions is to finish re-constructing my relationship with money because there are many more perspectives/realities about it than my own and, frankly, I don’t believe we were born to be enslaved by it.

While what I grew up around affected my perception of money, the daily ebb and flow of emotions, particularly feelings of rejection, belonging, purpose and even Love, have a pronounced impact as well.  Bruise those areas and it’s easy to knock the money block into a seized-up situation and, because we are unique individuals, each person will have their own list of emotional triggers.

I am an explorer, seeking out solutions that “stick” so that I have a holster of tools to use when I need to change a situation that isn’t working or move through places that need healing.  Helping others to do the same feels natural and good as well.  I did use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) some time ago, but it didn’t work 100% for me because I found the necessity of using specific scripts restrictive.  Well, it was a breath of fresh air to be invited to a series of interviews this week that focused on releasing money blocks.  Pamela Bruner, an EFT practitioner, did a great job interviewing experts and I had a few AHA moments which, to me, is like an ever-patient Divine kiss on my cheek and a hearty hi-five! 🙂    In case you haven’t heard of EFT, it is a very simple system that works on energy meridians in the body (akin to accupuncture but without the needles).  Sometimes, energy gets blocked/trapped along these lines and we don’t feel so great.  That’s where unblocking and EFT comes in.

I feel a bit of a renaissance with the EFT practice because of how Pamela has adapted the practice to focus on the emotions and not so much on a script = Freedom!  Taking care of what I am feeling by shifting old stuff makes room for new, good stuff and more energy!  It feels great.  Here are a couple of videos from Pamela.  You may be pleasantly surprised if you give it a whirl, or two!

These are the tapping points…

Here is a way to work through whatever emotion(s) you would like to shift, without a script!

Feel free to leave a comment about your results or if you have any questions! [superemotions file=”icon_smile.gif” title=”Smile”]

Love re-clothes a sharing moment.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in an interesting healing group that ran for 12 weeks.  One of the things we would do was to speak about the old thoughts/hurts we were carrying around, often for most of our lives, and often those which had never been shared before – because of shame, guilt, fear, etc.  It takes a tremendous amount of trust to share deep places like this and it feels very scary to do so, leaving the sharer feeling “naked” and vulnerable.  This is where Love comes into the wonderful healing process that is used in this program.

When something is shared, the other group members do something that re-builds and “re-clothes” that person who is risking safety in sharing, in NOT staying silent any longer.   Each person consciously gives feedback – offering words that acknowledge that person’s pain, courage, strength, etc. and expressing their own feeling(s) about the situation (ie:  I feel angry that you were treated that way.  You did not deserve that.).  It is in this reflection that the sharer finds a place in the group, empathy for a painful experience, and a sense of trust that it IS okay to share and take a step forward.

I mention this because there are many times when our friends share things with us.  Sometimes, we don’t know what to say but want to say something – the “right” thing.  That can sometimes lead to silence.  Silence in a tender sharing moment can leave the sharer feeling regretful about sharing because it is a vulnerable moment.  The silence can feel like they are being judged or not understood (and therefore hurt) again.  You can help make the experience a healing and Loving one by giving conscious feedback.  It’s best not to tie it into an experience you had right away though.  Let the person sharing finish what they need to share and then move forward.  This is a wonderful healing, Loving, growing place to share, whenever needed.

Your comments and/or questions are welcome.  Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment box below.

Shine Brightly!!


Trauma: the Amygdala, the Thalamus, and Healing

I had the great fortune to watch 2 DVD’s this week from
Paul Hegstrom and the topic was trauma, and how it affects the brain.  Wow, these are great resources if you want to understand why certain things trigger you.  I found them very enlightening and educational for my own journey.

Dr. Hegstrom believes more than 90% of marriage relationship problems
are linked and/or caused by childhood wounds.

Maybe you’ve already considered that our brains are like computers…only there isn’t a computer in the world that can do all the amazing things are brains can do!!  Hegstrom tells us that our thalamus is like the software that runs our computer … recording everything.  When we have a traumatic experience, the amygdala (often called the reptile brain) kicks in and we are guided to either flee, fight, or freeze.   Many things can kick the amygdala into gear and he speaks of the major players, especially when we are children, as:

  • rejection
  • incest
  • molestation
  • emotional abuse
  • physical abuse

This will often create “an internal perception of powerlessness” with many more symptoms being piled on as time progresses and the issues are not dealt with properly.  I will speak further on this topic in the future but just want to add that once we are adults it is up to us to seek out answers to our feelings/behaviours so that we can heal and live a richer, fuller life.  When life is going really well, these issues are often submerged, but sometimes, certain experiences will bring up much of the burried pain.   It may seem that this pain is insurmountable, but that is not the case at all.  Once a commitment is made to deal with and heal past wounds, true freedom – spiritual freedom – is waiting to be had.

Again, if you are looking to understand a deep wound in your life, check out his material.  There are some Christian-religion references, so that may or may not suit you, but the material is the best I’ve seen to describe what trauma does, and I encourage you to check it out either way.  See below for a short clip where Hegstrom explains his system.

All my best to you!

*Got Self-Sabotage? – Cut a new record, Burn a new DVD… Re-program for success!

I have not blogged for a while.  This is because I am doing more healing work.  We all run into hidden subconscious blocks.  These blocks are also known to cause self-sabotage.  They come up and we deal with them through healing processes.  When we do healing work, it is important to have a sense of safety in order to proceed.  Safety is necessary in different areas of our lives so I am not talking just about physical safety.  I am also talking about a support network of people who will stand by you when you experience, sometimes for the first time in your life, feelings that were stuffed down for a long time.  This stuffing process happens when it is not safe to share right away or the feelings are too big to process at the time.  They sit in the body and come alive when a situation is replayed; this is called a trigger.

As I have moved along my journey to living the best life possible, there have been many pockets of self-doubt.  Basically, this is from old tapes/records that were cut into my subconscious mind and much of this programming was negative and fear based.  Here is a helpful video that animates it all…

Dr. Darryl explains this very well.  We can see what the old records are saying and how they are not working anymore.  Great!!  Now, we can burn a new and improved DVD to replace the old, outdated and unwanted tapes.  So, everytime you sit down and visualize what you do want, you are burning that onto your DVD (subconscious mind) and THAT will be the automatic stuff that will come up, but you have to imbed this over about a month.  This explanation has just clicked with me and I hope it helps you.  Let’s get a stack of blank dvd’s and get going!  We may not be able to change some painful elements of the past, but we certainly can toss out the old records and burn a new program – for success and happiness!