Remembering Your Divine Nature….

It’s easy to forget our Divine nature when we’ve been through a lot of trauma, abuse, and steep life challenges but it’s still there, shining behind the thoughts we think about those experiences – many of which were just not true.  Someone does something and we believe we have the only logical explanation for their actions… let a similar experience happen a couple more times and we might just start believing that there is something wrong with us.  But, what if the assumptions were all wrong?  What if we ended up forming a false, limiting belief?  What if much of what we’ve seen/learned is through all the recycled beliefs that our parents acquired when they were trying to make sense of their own lives?  And how about the plethora that society bombards us with daily?

Underneath the issues we all carry is a Divine force so many of us find ourselves intermittently disconnected from throughout our lives.  Some are fortunate and diligently practice ‘keeping the plug in.’  Sometimes, life holds experiences that are so devastating that we go deep into the pain until it is repressed, or healed.  These difficult life experiences can cause us to look long and hard at how we see ourselves and who we are in the world.  

As uncomfortable as it is, taking time to look under this rug of wonders is a good thing because it can totally transform how we live life.  I know from my own experience that the dissonance has been a call to come home again and live into the present me.

Check out the video I made highlighting some thoughts on this journey – a warrior’s journey – back to find the Truth of one’s heart and spirit, and remembering our innate, infinite Divine nature..

If you would like to complete some worksheets on the same topic, feel free to download them here:  … Remembering Your True Divine Nature




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Love re-clothes a sharing moment.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in an interesting healing group that ran for 12 weeks.  One of the things we would do was to speak about the old thoughts/hurts we were carrying around, often for most of our lives, and often those which had never been shared before – because of shame, guilt, fear, etc.  It takes a tremendous amount of trust to share deep places like this and it feels very scary to do so, leaving the sharer feeling “naked” and vulnerable.  This is where Love comes into the wonderful healing process that is used in this program.

When something is shared, the other group members do something that re-builds and “re-clothes” that person who is risking safety in sharing, in NOT staying silent any longer.   Each person consciously gives feedback – offering words that acknowledge that person’s pain, courage, strength, etc. and expressing their own feeling(s) about the situation (ie:  I feel angry that you were treated that way.  You did not deserve that.).  It is in this reflection that the sharer finds a place in the group, empathy for a painful experience, and a sense of trust that it IS okay to share and take a step forward.

I mention this because there are many times when our friends share things with us.  Sometimes, we don’t know what to say but want to say something – the “right” thing.  That can sometimes lead to silence.  Silence in a tender sharing moment can leave the sharer feeling regretful about sharing because it is a vulnerable moment.  The silence can feel like they are being judged or not understood (and therefore hurt) again.  You can help make the experience a healing and Loving one by giving conscious feedback.  It’s best not to tie it into an experience you had right away though.  Let the person sharing finish what they need to share and then move forward.  This is a wonderful healing, Loving, growing place to share, whenever needed.

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Trauma: the Amygdala, the Thalamus, and Healing

I had the great fortune to watch 2 DVD’s this week from
Paul Hegstrom and the topic was trauma, and how it affects the brain.  Wow, these are great resources if you want to understand why certain things trigger you.  I found them very enlightening and educational for my own journey.

Dr. Hegstrom believes more than 90% of marriage relationship problems
are linked and/or caused by childhood wounds.

Maybe you’ve already considered that our brains are like computers…only there isn’t a computer in the world that can do all the amazing things are brains can do!!  Hegstrom tells us that our thalamus is like the software that runs our computer … recording everything.  When we have a traumatic experience, the amygdala (often called the reptile brain) kicks in and we are guided to either flee, fight, or freeze.   Many things can kick the amygdala into gear and he speaks of the major players, especially when we are children, as:

  • rejection
  • incest
  • molestation
  • emotional abuse
  • physical abuse

This will often create “an internal perception of powerlessness” with many more symptoms being piled on as time progresses and the issues are not dealt with properly.  I will speak further on this topic in the future but just want to add that once we are adults it is up to us to seek out answers to our feelings/behaviours so that we can heal and live a richer, fuller life.  When life is going really well, these issues are often submerged, but sometimes, certain experiences will bring up much of the burried pain.   It may seem that this pain is insurmountable, but that is not the case at all.  Once a commitment is made to deal with and heal past wounds, true freedom – spiritual freedom – is waiting to be had.

Again, if you are looking to understand a deep wound in your life, check out his material.  There are some Christian-religion references, so that may or may not suit you, but the material is the best I’ve seen to describe what trauma does, and I encourage you to check it out either way.  See below for a short clip where Hegstrom explains his system.

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