You Are Not Your Story!

A comment from Neale Donald Walsch’s daily insight has highlighted an important phrase to remember and also reminded me of the growth I have experienced in the last few years.  What phrase is that?  Well, it is…

You are not your story.

A long time ago, I had a great loss in my life and it was incredibly painful.  When I reached out for wisdom and guidance, I found that very phrase shared with me.

You are not your story.

What is your story?  And, why do we tend to incorporate and wear the negative aspects more than the positive ones anyway?

Is your story one of injustice, abuse (sexual, emotional, physical…), lack, being victimized/used, abandoned, lied to?  Look at those words – how do they make you feel?  Juicy and alive?  No, ‘didn’t think so.

We can really feel the weight of negative words/experiences – they suck energy away from the Soul and dull the eyes.  Fortunately, when the weight is heavy enough, and we are tired of it, we can choose to relinquish the load.  There will come a point when life’s finite reality seeps in and we wish to live in a more abundant state.  And by abundant I mean – abundance of self-love, courage, assertion for that which you want to experience in life (a family, a home, travelling, etc. – fill in the blank).  There will come a time when accepting the old “story”lines just don’t work anymore and you will say “I want, and deserve, more” and that very shift will be part of the crucial elements that will manifest it.  Please take a moment to listen to this video, and follow the suggestion made in it…  It will only take a moment! (then scroll down because there is more to follow….) No peaking!    🙂

Okay, hopefully, you took a moment to follow along to this beautiful meditation.  Can I ask you something?  While you were watching it, were you “there” in the places suggested or were you thinking about the past (your story)?  Chances are that you were present for all or parts of it and that is where you left your weighty story behind without even realizing it!  Now, the next step is to do it consciously!  And you can – because it will bring you more of what you DO want in your life.  Internal abundance!  We resonate richly from inside and it beams outwardly – and, one by one, the world becomes an ever better place!  “Be the change…”  <3


Nancy  🙂

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